From Immersive Elevator Experiences to Speaker-Upgrading Devices

 - Jul 29, 2017
From augmented reality sneakers to virtual reality art galleries, the top July 2017 multimedia ideas explore the many ways in which AR and VR are transforming the familiar into entirely new experiences.

A number of tangible objects, including everything from greeting cards to casino cards, are now receiving high-tech updates, introducing new forms of entertainment, payment and more. To make the process of creating and sharing virtual reality content easier, several brands are launching specialized equipment that boasts the ability to capture immersive 360-degree content, such as the streaming VRDL360 camera.

Just as a rise in AR and VR content has caused for the creation of dedicated equipment for viewing and creating, there is also a demand for tools like Google's new Heatmaps, which help to visualize where VR viewers are looking as they are inside of a virtual world.