Panormia's Virtual Windows Turn Elevators into Magical Journeys

 - May 31, 2017
References: prweb & yankodesign
Interior design team Panoramia is using virtual windows to turn elevator rides into magical 3D journeys. One or more screens are mounted onto the backs of elevators, displaying one of the many graphic visualizations Panormia has designed. The graphics react accordingly to the movement of the elevators, sensing whether it is moving up or down and playing the respective visuals.

When the elevator moves up, the graphics displayed make it seem as though you're rising above the mountains. Other virtual windows show displays of outer space, breathtaking grasslands, a panoramic view of a skyscape, or even a customized, stylish representation of your brand.

Niklas Lundback, the co-founder of Panormia says its mission is to "let people turn their elevator rides into journeys," by using visuals to create an immersive experience that lets people re-imagine how they interact with routine technology.