- Jan 28, 2018
These 2017 graffiti trends cover a wide range of street art, apparel, collectibles, and more. Although some of the pieces make use of the work of renowned graffiti artists, others simply take inspiration from their styles.

The University of Toronto's Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering claimed the title of "longest single graffiti installation" this year, by employing the talents of a team that consisted of members of CEIE and artist Jason Wing. Together, the team created a colorful mural that spanned around the school while parts of it were rebuilt, helping to avoid the unsightliness of the construction, while celebrating the faculty's achievements.

Also featured is the new luggage collection from Balenciaga, which includes a range of leather bags that are covered in casual designs that resemble graffiti tags. Often times, the designs that are included on the bags work to the effect of mocking the seriousness of the fashion industry.

From Exclusive Artist-Made Apparel to Faculty-Promoting Murals: