IRL Photoshop Installation 'CTRL+X' Revitalizes Derelict Cars

 - Jul 13, 2017
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This painted illusion car was unveiled as a part of the Stenograffia street art festival in Russia.

This installation consists of a graffiti-covered car and dumpster, which look like they were removed from the scene surrounding them. This painted illusion car is called 'CTRL+X,' and is meant to look like a deleted segment in Adobe Photoshop, revealing the program's transparent background. Those familiar with Photoshop will know that when a segment of an image is erased, the program defaults to a white and grey checkered background. Additionally, the name of the piece references the keyboard command for deleting a section.

A team of artists painted the car and dumpster white, and with the help of a projector, drew the checkerboard design onto the targeted area. The piece was then spray painted grey to finish off its look.