- Jan 28, 2018
Pop culture trends in 2018 will reveal the continued dominance of Netflix in the content it creates and markets, as well as Internet culture manifesting outside of social media.

Netflix's ability to create and push out content that reaches millions has had an enormous influence on pop cultural trends this past year, a trend that will likely continue into 2018 as the company continues to expand its horizons. One particularly influential example is its original series Stranger Things, which has resulted in memes, cult followings, and individuals being inspired by the series to create businesses like The Upside Down -- a bar inspired by the show.

Meme culture on the Internet is in full effect and has been for years, but brands are just now beginning to adopt it into the way they create products and market themselves. Examples include the Glamspin figdet spinner lip balm, as well as Gucci's recent meme-inspired ad campaign.

From Sci-Fi Show Pop-Ups to Meme-Inspired Ads: