This Photography Series Captures Subjects Who Answered Online Ads

 - Oct 9, 2017
The well-known worldwide classifieds website, Craigslist, has instigated countless encounters, which go beyond the meetings to exchange tangible goods between users. In a photo series entitled 'Craigslist Encounters,' one artist created portraits of people who he recruited from the site itself, in response to a single ad.

Working in Los Angeles, Kremer Johnson vague posting promised $20 per hour to any subjects willing to be documented in the convenience of their own homes and neighborhoods. At least a dozen images were produced, which surprisingly have a very posed appearance to them, given these are meant to represent everyday, non-model folk as they stand or sit within their most familiar settings. The Craigslist Encounters series is an thought-provoking commentary on contemporary portraiture and the peer-to-peer economy.