From Futuristic Co-Living Concepts to Stepmom Support Platforms

 - Jan 28, 2018
The top life trends in 2017 reveal that consumers today are looking to experience life to the fullest and set out to do so by inviting simplified products and services into their lives—this includes everything from home decor collections tailored to first-time apartment owners and entrepreneurship-focused subscription boxes to fully equipped travel campers that are move-in ready.

Looking forward on a larger scale, projects like One Shared House 2030 from SPACE 10 and IKEA aim to address housing crisis concerns while also addressing issues that many people face while living in urban areas, such as loneliness and isolation.

As death and preparing for it is very much a part of the life experience, consumers have shown interest in everything from eco-friendly recycled cardboard caskets and autonomous hearse coffins to digital afterlife systems.