Breather Provides a Network of Professional Meeting Rooms On-Demand

 - Aug 1, 2017
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While going into work used to mean sitting in a windowless cubicle for hours on end, today's employees have come to expect a very different kind of work environment. Instead of uninspiring, claustrophobic offices, workers are now setting up shop in beautiful and creative spaces that are specially designed to inspire new ideas.

One platform that is helping to make these creative workspaces more accessible for workers across North America is Breather. Breather is described as "a network of dedicated meeting rooms offering individuals and businesses practical, distraction-free workspaces that can be reserved on-demand, by the hour, day or week." Breather helps to unlock the world’s spaces by making them instantly accessible through a mobile app or desktop platform.

It is this ease of access and user-friendly interface that makes Breather a game-changer for both businesses and their employees. Instead of filling out a lengthy application, users simply sign up and begin browsing for a workspace that fits their specific needs. There is no membership fee and no subscription service is required to use the app. Users simply book and pay for the time they need and the space is officially theirs for the entire period of the reservation.

Breather is also unique in that it does not simply offer users a selection of cookie-cutter boardrooms and offices. Instead, users can choose from more than 400 beautifully designed spaces that can be used for work, meetings or simply a place to focus. Additionally, all rooms are equipped with furniture, high-speed Wi-Fi, whiteboards and charging stations. AV equipment and TVs are also available in nearly every space.

With locations in 10 major cities across the world, Breather is the ideal tool for finding a private workspace whenever you need one.