From Co-Learning Concept Spaces to Designer Women-Only Pop-Ups

 - Sep 12, 2018
Because of its purpose, the co-working space interior needs to be incredibly design-friendly, as it aims to establish dynamic relationships between spaces and provide ample room for privacy when desired. Humanity's progression with regard to technology, sustainability and other factors of society calls for a reimagination of the work process. As nine-to-five jobs are becoming more destabilized through active collaboration efforts, freelance work and digital nomads, the co-working approach is ever-more popularized.

The dynamic co-working space interior is sociable and engaging. It has the power to bring up and circulate new ideas and visions. As a result, it is being implemented across all industry sectors, including education. WeWork, for example, is an entrepreneur that focuses on establishing meaningful pathways for collaboration between individuals. Last November, the business translated that to the education system with an elementary school, called WeGrow.