This AR Cosmetic Dentistry Aid Helps Patients Try on Different Smiles

 - Sep 8, 2017
References: kapanu & newatlas
Augmented reality has been at the forefront of technology and design recently, providing a means of entertainment, workplace training, education and most recently, serving as a cosmetic dentistry aid.

Dentists can help improve even the most broken of smiles, but the hefty price tag and uncertainty of the finished product can be enough to turn away potential clients. To make the transition to a beautiful smile a little smoother, researchers have developed a "virtual mirror" which uses augmented reality to show patients the end results of their upcoming surgery, in real time. The system has been dubbed the 'Kapanu Augmented Reality Engine,' and it works by scanning the patient's oral cavity, overlaying those images with "naturally attractive" teeth, selected from a wide database.

This method enables patients to effectively "try on" different smiles, personalizing the process, and promising perfect results.