- Jan 27, 2018
These 2017 science trends range from tooth-regenerating medications to electrified running trainers that help enhance athletic performance and speed while boosting circulation at the same time.

When looking at wearable devices and apparel, FootStriker's electric shock therapy shoes aim to change the way consumers buy fitness gear and rely on the research of scientists to help wearers improve their running technique. Similarly, Coded Couture is an AI-powered fashion brand that creates covetable and custom clothing with the help of an intelligent web program.

Other notable scientific trends from the past year include at-home healthcare innovations like Balanced Body Labs' DIY blood test subscriptions, and Sonova's custom hearing aids which are made to order and crafted using a 3D printer.

Trend Hunter's 2018 trend report reveals even more science trends while helping cover a set of relevant and industry-spanning topics.

From Electrified Running Trainers to Tooth-Regenerating Medications: