This Self-Healing Concrete May Have the Ability to Charge Your Car

 - May 8, 2017
References: engadget
Dutch researchers are looking into developing a new self-healing concrete, which also acts as a wireless car charger. After noticing the road-induced anxiety electric car drivers face due to their batteries constantly draining, researchers turned to a new method for charging cars that literally starts from the ground up.

The researchers are proposing to use a self-healing asphalt to tackle the city's decaying infrastructure, while also combating the inconveniences of driving an electric car. Self-healing concrete is a relatively new innovation that brings about endless possibilities for construction and road innovations. The holes in the asphalt are filled with bacteria, instead of stones. These bacteria are activated when damages are detected and generate enough heat to seal the cracks. Researchers believe that with enough heat, the asphalt could also generate electricity, giving electric cars a quick charge while stopped at traffic lights, or intersections.

The self-healing asphalt, if successful, could alter the way electric cars are perceived, while allowing for autonomous maintenance on city's roads.