These Vibrating Boots Use Augmented Reality to Aid Obstacle-Detection

 - Sep 22, 2017
References: draper & newatlas
A group of scientists and engineers at MIT have worked in collaboration with the Draper research lab to develop futuristic and sensor-packed space boots that are capable of using vibrations in order to help hypothetical spacewalkers and astronauts to avoid bumping into obstacles.

What's more, these futuristic space boots even offer an augmented reality display that would provide visual cues to astronauts. An assortment of haptic motors divert vibrations to different parts of the feet at different intensities to signal how close and how big an obstacle is.

Considering the amped-up preparations for space travel to Mars, footwear is a seemingly simple but hugely important element that will need to be technologically airtight to ensure astronaut safety and comfort, and these vibrating space boots do just that by using augmented reality and sensor technologies already in use on Earth.