These Smart Glowing Bandages Indicate How a Wound is Healing

 - Jul 7, 2017
References: & ideaconnection
This smart bandage quickens the healing process by glowing different colors to indicate the status of the wound.

Chronic flesh wounds need to be checked frequently to ensure proper healing is occurring, however, removing the bandage increases the likelihood of infection. A Swedish research team aimed to solve this issue through creating a bandage that could tell the wearer how the wound is healing, without having to remove the bandage. The team infused the wound covering with special molecules that glow when exposed to specific PH levels. This glow would indicate whether or not a wound is healing normally, without exposing it to infection.

This smart glowing bandage would offer wearers a heightened opportunity for recovery, while providing a more accurate insight for doctors to assess how a patient is healing, with as little disruption as possible.