From Intuitive Pregnancy Wearables to Energizing Post-Natal Vitamins

 - Jul 30, 2017
From wearables to vitamins, the July 2017 health trends reveal a number of advances in terms of products for pre- and post-natal women.

For pregnant women, it seems that there is no shortage of new products and services designed to make carrying a child a little more comfortable. This includes subscription services such as BINTO, which provides women with different products at each stage in their pregnancy, and products like Bloomlife, which measures, tracks and times contractions just ahead of labor.

However, the July 2017 trends reveal that brands are also paying more attention to the needs of post-natal women as well. Indeed, products such as The Mother Load vitamins from the Goop Wellness line demonstrate that there is a strong demand for products for women who have just given birth.