Rainbow Optx's Colored Sunglasses Lens Options Support the Chakras

 - Jun 14, 2017
References: rainbowoptx & byrdie
Rainbow Optx makes a number of colored sunglasses lens options that are meant to be worn for the purposes of chromotherapy and mood-boosting.

The sunglasses are available in a range of colors from red to violet, each of which is associated with a chakra and a mantra like 'I AM' or ' I KNOW.' As Rainbow Optx describes, "Blue is cooling to our system and it is relaxing," while "Red is a stimulating color. It will energize the base chakra. It warms and it activates." While supporting different areas of the body, the chromotherapy sunglasses are said to help unlock artistic expression, while others awaken the intuition or ease loneliness.

Alongside offering a wide range of color choices, Rainbow Optx also makes its eyewear styles available in classic Aviator, Wayfarer and round frames.