From Emoji Makeup Brushes to Influencer-Branded Clothing Lines

 - Dec 24, 2017
These Gen Z gift ideas combine the practical with the sentimental and range from rapper-inspired coloring books to emoji knapsacks, offering inspiration for a heartfelt gift for that's sure to please the special young one in your life.

Celebrity-branded apparel like Rihanna's PUMA collaboration, offer this particular demographic the opportunity to express their individuality, while spotlighting their fandom for the popular songstress. While flaunting one's style is key, more niche clothing lines, such as That Food Cray's capsule collection, may appeal to the quirky fashionista, as it's filled with vibrant graphics and a myriad of cultural references.

When it comes to Generation Z and gifting, one can't go wrong with something tech-inspired, as the demographic thrives on digital connectivity. The Mous Musicase fulfills this requirement, as it fuses style with practicality, offering a funky screen protector that can hold one's headphones.

However, if you're looking for a stocking stuffer, look no further than Fujifilm's selfie-enabling instant cameras, or SISTAR's adorable emoji-clad makeup sponges.