Urban Outfitters Neon Pizza Lamp is Inspired by 90s Nostalgia

 - Nov 16, 2017
References: urbanoutfitters
Urban Outfitters' neon pizza lamp is a blast from the past and adds a touch of humor to any modern kitchen. Ideal for urban Millennial spaces, the lamp embodies an air of 90s nostalgia in its overall look and feel. Measuring 11" x 8" in size, the piece is crafted from acrylic, glass, and LED materials.

Easy to attach on any wall or flat surface, this neon pizza lamp is a fun and fresh take on the popular accessory craze that has recently made a comeback in the world of interior decor. First gaining popularity on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, at-home neon lighting mimics decor found in nostalgic arcades, nightclubs and bars, but is made more accessible and affordable than ever before.