From Colorful Gopnik Streetwear to Novelty Pizza Lighting

 - Feb 12, 2018
One of the most secure ways to generate interest and capture attention is through neon design products—the eye-catching colors can encompass the entirety of an item or can be incorporated as a subtle detail—either way, the luminous appearance is sure to turn heads.

Store interiors have been using neon design products as a tool to create a transcendental environment for patrons, while the fashion industry has been channeling its nostalgic properties with 80s-inspired clashing color palettes and dreamy psychedelic fashion photoshoots.

On one hand, the fluorescent palette has the potential to be uplifting, boasting cheerful and vibrant silhouettes like the water gun-inspired sneakers from Reebok. On the other, neon design products such as signage and lamps can facilitate a romantic and calm environment for any household or establishment.