The Chubbies 'Swimmeralls' are a Hip Option for Hitting the Water

Looking straight out of the 90s for fashion-forward individuals to admire in all their glory, the Chubbies 'Swimmeralls' swimming overalls are a newly created piece of apparel for the beach or pool. The Chubbies 'Swimmeralls' have a basic set of shorts on the bottom portion that have been paired with an upper portion that augments them into a pair of overalls that are ideal for going for a dip in.

The Chubbies 'Swimmeralls' swimming overalls have a 90s-inspired neon color scheme and pattern in order to make them look as retro as possible. The Chubbies 'Swimmeralls' come as yet another nostalgic product that will likely draw in many consumers for being both hip and kind of geeky all at the same time.