- Jan 30, 2018
Today's definition of a successfully ethical fashion brand is multifold. To be humane within the scope of an offered commodity, from clothing and shoes to jewelry and bags, a company should embrace as many morally conscious concepts, principles and practices as possible.

The Peggy Sue collection exhibits this by honoring and highlighting the efforts of the independent artisan and farmer through 100% traceable materials. Spare Label utilizes water-conserving practices, while aoku 3D creates mesmerizing 3D printed jewelry and donates part of the proceeds from each piece to charitable organizations.

Ethical fashion brands are embracing sustainability notions of recycled, upcycled and repurposed fabrics, as well as cruelty-free textiles such as vegan and apple leather alternatives, as well as faux fur pop-up shops.

From Vegan Silk Dresses to Charity Supporting Ankle Boots: