Veerah's Vegan Leather Shoes are Made with Fibers Extracted from Apple Peels

 - Oct 17, 2017
References: veerah & vegan-magazine
A growing demand for cruelty-free, sustainable fashion is diversifying the number of leather alternatives on the market, with brands like Veerah contributing to this movement by producing vegan leather shoes with apple peels.

Veerah's new line of luxury vegan heels is produced with a sustainable material that's a byproduct of making apple juice. This process involves extracting fibers from dry apple peels to create an eco-friendly textile that reduces waste and does not involve animals. The result is a compassionate material that looks just like real leather, yet is breathable, durable, chemical-free and also UV-resistant.

As an alternative to using animal skins in their products, many brands are now turning to fruits and vegetables like pineapples, grapes, mushrooms and bananas for the making of cruelty-free leather-like goods.