From Intergalactic Winter Jackets to Dark Droid Toys

 - Dec 24, 2017
In a galaxy faraway, 'Star Wars' plugs and ads aren't incessant and inescapable, but in this galaxy the fantasy franchise is more ubiquitous than religion this holiday season, which means that Star Wars presents are perfect for virtually any consumer. In light of the eight installment in the historic series having been released this month, it's the perfect time to gift someone a branded item that they're guaranteed to love so much more than a regular old product.

Star Wars has indeed transcended the screen, with themed paraphernalia spanning all sorts of different industries. Considering that it's a franchise primarily geared at kids, it makes sense that toys are among the most common Star Wars presents listed here. However, there are also presents for other demographics, like Star Wars-branded work wear, beard trimmers, and even beers.