A Stormtrooper Electric Shaver Brings the Force to the Daily Duty of Grooming

 - Sep 4, 2017
References: amazon & likecool
Star Wars fans can get excited about this Stormtrooper electric shaver –– yet another consumer product that can level-up their sci-fi fandom in to everyday reality. Philips, the well-known manufacturer of consumer electronics, has strayed here from its typical performance-focused design with a device that additionally appeals to users on a symbolic level.

The Stormtrooper wet and dry electric shaver and trimmer was not made to resemble the Galactic Empire's soldiers exactly; rather, it's the choice of colors and the sculpting of the handle that make visual references to George Lucas's fictional characters. The Norelco series of men's grooming gadgets has been primarily engineered for functionality, efficiency and comfort. The result is a subtle nod to Star Wars with less-than-subtle implications as far as marketing and sales are concerned.