From Cartoon Kitty Car Tires to Disney Bridal Gowns

 - Oct 28, 2017
Depending on where one's from, they might say soda or they might say pop, but no matter where they're from, they'll be interested in the October 2017 pop culture trends. That's because pop is short for popular, and in all likelihood the trends will have broad spanning appeal that extends to many different geographical areas.

Sometimes pop culture makes it into places where one might not expect. For example, 'Star Wars' is one of the most successful pop culture franchises in the world, and thus its iconography has ended up everywhere from workout equipment to vegan leather sneakers.

Other instances of pop culture products are more sensible considering the original topic. A wedding fashion company in Japan, for example, has released a line of wedding gowns themed after Disney princesses, showing how formative the brand has been for young people getting married today.