Google's Eclipse Megamovie 2017 Pieces Together User Footage

 - Aug 24, 2017
References: digitaltrends
One would have to have been literally living under a rock to miss the recent solar eclipse, but for those who either didn't have a great view or were far outside the path of totality, Google's 'Eclipse Megamovie 2017' is a solid alternative. The video, available on YouTube, sources images of the eclipse shot by volunteers to create a timelapse of the total eclipse as it passed across the continental United States.

Google created the Eclipse Megamovie 2017 in partnership with UC Berkeley. To stitch together the crowdsourced images, the research teams created an algorithm that tracked the eclipse's movement across the land and synced that movement up with the hundreds of images sent in to Google. The video itself includes a small map in the bottom corner that shows the approximate location of the moon's shadow when the image on screen was shot.