From Secret Sneaker Pop-Ups to Experiential Wine Campaigns

 - Jan 27, 2018
These 2017 interactive trends demonstrate the power of involving consumers in promotional campaigns. As consumers are likely to view and hear hundreds of ads each day, offering an immersive experience enables brands to really stand out.

Perhaps one of the most unconventional interactive trends that's included comes from Pringles, which set up a condiment-covered slip-and-slide in celebration of National Ketchup Day. Those who lined up were given a yellow one-piece suit to sport while they went down the messy slide, as well as a red helmet. By capitalizing on National Ketchup Day with its slip-and-slide, Pringles was able to promote its new ketchup-flavored chips in a memorable way.

Also featured is Coke's 'Tattoo Can' campaign, which was created in celebration of Hispanic History Month. On each can, the brand printed common Latino surnames, which consumers were able to get as temporary tattoos as well. To maintain a sense of mystery, Coke covered the names on the cans with the temporary tattoos. Due to the condensation on the cans, consumers could press the tattoos directly onto their skin after removing them from the cans.