Coca-Cola's AI Vending Machine Brings Joy to Purchasing a Drink

 - Jul 13, 2017
References: coca-cola & thedrum
Coca-Cola's AI vending machines aim to pioneer a new generation of intelligent technology.

The popular drink brand is diverting from colorful touchscreens into something a little more complicated -- a machine with a personality, that can bring more joy to purchasing sugary beverages. The once lifeless bundle of metal will soon be able to engage in two-way conversations, branching a line of communication between the consumer and retailer that didn't previously exist.

The new vending machines will be equipped with a compatible smartbot that lives within the user's smartphone. The intelligent machine is expected to adapt to its environment, providing a more entertaining experience in busier public settings, while focusing on efficiency and functionalities in hospital or office settings. Through doing this, the company is using artificial intelligence to build emotional connections between the consumer and the Coke-branded machine.

Coca-Cola's AI vending machine represents a growing market for computerized creativity that's allowing companies to explore uncharted advertising territory.