From Pop Star Makeup Collections to Rapper Bodega Pop-Ups

 - Jan 20, 2018
Celebrity products in 2017 have revealed the breadth of diversity in projects that celebrities are now willing and able to help develop and bring to the public.

2017 has inarguably been Rihanna's year, with the pop star putting out viral hit songs, streetwear clothing collections and her hugely popular Fenty Beauty makeup line. Rihanna has established herself as being highly multifaceted, with the singer having her hand in everything from music and charitable initiatives, to fashion and beauty businesses.

This past year, Nielsen reported that in the United States, hip hop (including R&B) genre had taken over rock as the most consumed music genre. This shift is likely influenced by not just the music of those specializing in these genres, but their ability to influence pop cultural trends and fashions. Examples this past year included A$AP Rocky's AWGE x Selfridges Bodega pop-up, which sold streetwear merch and collectibles, and Cardi B's footwear collaboration with Steve Madden.