'Slang N’ Friendz' is a Word Game App Backed by Ludacris

 - Jan 27, 2017
References: itunes.apple & hypebeast
'Slang N’ Friendz' is a new word game app that has been developed by Ludacris and Edwin Benton as a cross between Scrabble and the classic Words With Friends game app.

'Slang N’ Friendz' works by providing players with bonus points for playing slang words in the game. If the app does not recognize the slang word that has been played, players have the ability to submit it with a definition much like an online dictionary. This adds a certain level of crowdsourcing to the gameplay experience and identifies how slang is gaining a more prominent place in the modern lexicon.

The 'Slang N’ Friendz' word game app was described by Ludacris when he said, "I feel like pop culture dictates what is considered as cool in this world, and I think bringing people together and not limiting them to what everyone feels the dictionary is in terms of the english language, brings people closer together. It’s a cool element to it."