From Infant Programming Toys to Multifunctional Maker Blocks

 - Dec 10, 2017
From infant programming toys to multifunctional maker blocks, these STEM-focused gifts provide consumers of all ages with an unintimidating, affordable, and fun way to explore the world of coding.

For parents who want their infants to start learning about programming at the earliest possible stage, there are a number of toddler-specific products to choose from. One option is KUMIITA, which teaches infants basic coding concepts. Another option is the Let's Go Code! Activity Set, which is a low-tech way to introduce kids to coding.

Of course, hands-on coding lessons don't need to start at the age of infancy for all kids. For STEM-focused gifts that can be given to older children, options include products like the multifunctional Plezmo build blocks, the stylish ATOMIC's STEM clothing line, and the 3D-printed Vorpal Combat Hexapod.