WowWee's 'COJI' Teaches Kids Basic Programming with Emojis

 - Feb 17, 2017
References: wowwee
'COJI' is a coding robot from WowWee that embodies all of the best traits of an emoji toy, a robot and a coding kit that teaches basic programming skills to children.

Although understanding programming is almost like learning a new language, as WowWee describes: "COJI teaches your child to program using a language they already know - EMOJIS!" Although the bot can be used with or without an app, controlling COJI from a smart device is how the language of programming unfolds. COJI challenges kids with STEM games to test their memories and problem-solving skills.

As well as using emojis for the purpose of teaching kids to program, the coding robot also uses expressive gestures, such as as tilting and shaking in response to physical touch.