From Durable Extreme Weather Drones to Kid-Friendly Therapy Robots

 - Apr 1, 2017
Robots have been key drivers in the industrial world for decades, but the March 2017 robots trends show that machines have been making their way into different service positions: namely, customer service. Robot technology, both in terms of hardware and software, has gotten to the point where machines can comfortably and intuitively interact with people out in the world.

Retail stands to gain from the use of robotic staff. Lowe's 'LoweBot,' for example, is an autonomous helper that guide consumers through Lowe's massive warehouses to help them find the product they're looking for. This saves human time, energy, and expense.

The robots in the March 2017 robots trends deal with humans in a different capacity. The 'E-Patrol Robot Sheriff' is a robotic police offer that has been employed at a rail station in Shanghai to keep people safe from criminals.