The Connections Lab's Creations Bring Distant Loved Ones Closer

 - Feb 14, 2017
References: clab.iat.sfu & fastcodesign
The Connections Lab, which is part of the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University, has been working on a variety of devices that connect couples and family members in a much more interactive way.

It's reported that the Connections Lab was founded by Carman Neustaedter, who like millions of others, found it difficult to stay connected with loved ones who were great distances away. To enhance these experiences, the Connections Lab has been working to develop 360-degree VR communication systems and even vibrating gloves, which have the power to make users feel as if they're in the same room as a loved one.

Neustaedter explained the devices by saying, "We want to make it so people can feel much more like they are actually with someone in person and part of that involves being able to do activities together that go beyond just talking." This means going on adventures with one another, sharing dinners, giving hugs and much more.