From Modular Electric Cargo Bikes to Heart-Shaped Bicycle Holders

 - Dec 16, 2017
Only the most hardcore cyclists stick it out during the winter months, when the roads are snowy and the temperatures are frigid, but these presents for cyclists are great for both the totally derailleur-dopey and the more casual biker.

There are many different ways that people engage with cycling. For some, biking is a means of transportation and a daily commuting choice. Those practical bikers, an electric bike might be the perfect gift. The vehicles are far and away a more energy efficient commuting choice than any type of car, but they're still faster and less tiring to ride than a standard, electricity-free bicycle.

For those who cycle as a sport and for exercise, there are other great options. Sportswear like the Rapha and Norman Foster collaboration will help bikers stay comfortable while moving and perspiring, and the DynaFeed shirt even has embedded tech that tracks physical performance.