'ToolB' Makes Trail-Side Repairs Quickly, Easily and in Style

 - Jul 17, 2017
References: kickstarter & facebook
Mountain bikers are a sweaty bunch -- there's just no way getting around it. Or is there? Now there is an alternative. Don't ride with a backpack on shorter rides -- just carry what is needed: water bottle, a snack and a good toolkit.

ToolB is a toolbelt for your mountain bike. Inspired by heavy-duty toolbelts used by construction contractors and DIY-ers, ToolB is an innovative new way to carry tools on your bike.

The idea for a new toolkit came from the desire to stop carrying a backpack on shorter rides and still have the ability to adjust or repair the bike if needed. After researching the ways mountain bikers carry their bike tools and what tools they use, the creators of ToolB saw a typical pattern: the biker wears a backpack or a small pack is attached to the bike and a multitool is used. Backpacks put a burden on the biker; a small pack on the bike is often not compatible with modern mountain bike frame designs; a multitool is cumbersome to use. To solve these issues, the ToolB was born and it includes all the tools needed for trail-side repairs.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, ToolB is an elegant toolkit solution that allows for easy access to full-size bike tools. No miniature tools, no compromise -- just top-notch, weather-resistant tools. ToolB is made from a high-quality, full-grain, vegetable-tanned, Hermann-Oak Leather and non-slip materials. The leather has been sealed to be weather-resistant. ToolB provides quick access to all of the tools and looks great on any bike.

Michael Val, Founder of 3State Labs, says: "Riding without a backpack is amazing. You sweat less, you have better control of the bike, and riding becomes more fun; And if you have the ToolB toolkit on your bike, trail-side repairs are easier and quicker to do, and you can get back to enjoying your ride."