From Superhero Taxi Promotions to Modular Travel Pillows

 - Aug 26, 2017
The top August 2017 commuting ideas look to the future of transportation with forward-thinking concepts like modular family-friendly vehicles and personal helicopters designed to simplify morning commutes.

As well as there being an emphasis on overall efficiency in design, some of these commuter vehicle concepts are designed to push the limits of speed. The Accula QX44 Skyster takes the form of a single-person flying vehicle that can reach speeds of up to 666 km/h, while Soyeon Kim's 2023 Volkswagen concept imagines a sporty, high-speed commuter concept.

Although the task of commuting both long and short distances can become a mundane activity day after day, brands are turning this weekday ritual into an exciting event by offering rides in eccentric vehicles. Notable examples of this include the Gett taxi app offering special rides in a Batman v Superman vehicle, Audible commemorating author Jane Austen's death with carriage rides, and cider brand Orchard Pig offering tractor-style 'Traxi' rides in London.