Quebec's Teo Taxis are Equipped With Free Wi-Fi and Tablets

 - Jun 27, 2017
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The Quebec-based Teo Taxi service is an eco-friendly fleet of app-requested taxis.

Teo Taxi is an 100% electric and eco-friendly transportation service with a fleet of about 60 cars. Each vehicle is either a Kia Soul or a Tesla (a premium 'Teo Noir' upgrade). Each car is equipped with free Wi-Fi and a tablet for customer use. Cars are ordered through an Uber-like mobile app and fare is paid through the app. Teo rents taxi licenses from the city and assigns them to the cars instead of individuals.

The service also holds more cars than licenses so that its fleet can run efficiently, while some vehicles charge at one of the company's ten charging stations. Fare begins at $3.45 and charges $1.70 per km and $0.63 per minute of waiting.