- Sep 2, 2017
These upcycled fashion innovations range from recycled plastic leggings to sleek wedding bands that are actually crafted out of recycled metal. Addressing the ongoing environmental damage caused by discarded plastic bottles, mainstream and independent clothing brands are aiming to make a difference with clothing that makes use of the material. Girlfriend Collective's black leggings, adidas' famed 'Parley' sneakers, and Señor Seagull's t-shirt range are all made from recycled plastic bottles that are safely broken down to create a durable and breathable textile.

In addition to the growing popularity of recycled plastic textiles, plant-based fabrics are also becoming more desired for their biodegradable qualities. Standouts like Element Pure's underwear range are made from sustainable eucalyptus which offers a soft texture, and breathability. Similarly, Reebok's 'Cotton + Corn' sneakers are plant-based, meaning they can be composted safely when they can no longer be worn.

From Recycled Plastic Leggings to Repurposed Metal Rings: