These Eco-Friendly Jackets are Made Out of Discarded Materials

 - Jan 12, 2016
References: ecoalf & ecoalf
'Ecoalf' is currently selling eco-friendly jackets made from discarded materials such as old finishing nets, used tires and PET plastic bottles. In recent years, many consumers have become acutely aware of how problematic plastic bottles are when it comes to the environment. This company helps consumers close the loop by turning waste materials into stylish winter jackets.

Ecoalf sells men's and women's jackets made out plastic bottles and other waste materials. To make the recycled textiles, the company breaks down discarded plastic until it consists of small chips. These chips are then transformed into a rough polyester spun fiber that is converted into yarn. Beyond the fabric, recycled materials are also used to make the straps, labels and cords used on each parka. The end result is eco-friendly jackets that boast the same technical properties as non-recycled products.

The sustainable parkas are designed for consumers who are looking for a way to stay warm without harming the environment in the process.