From Feminist Advocacy Menswear to Cyclist Leisure Gear

 - Mar 9, 2016
These examples of hipster apparel for men range from socially conscious menswear collections to functional clothes that are also aesthetically bold. When examining the modern hipster, heightened social awareness is one of this demographic's biggest priorities. In addition to embracing gender-fluid styling, the evolving hipster is also supporting feminist causes, as seen with Acne Studios' recent and empowering menswear collection.

Next to indie rockers and hip hop fans, urban athletes can also fall under the modern hipster classification. When examining the realm of pop culture fashion, standouts include commemorative sitcom apparel like a Seinfeld streetwear range that revives the television show's iconic 90s aesthetic. Furthermore, rapper-designed parkas like Canada Goose's collection with Drake are marketed toward hip-hop fans with an interest in fashion. Similarly, Stereo Vinyl's Coca-Cola collaboration is reflective of the brand's strong resonance with Millennials.

When looking at even more hipster subcultures, minimalist and Normcore apparel is competing against more vibrant and busy pieces. While streetwear labels are endorsing an athleisure look with simple accents, the industry's most successful sportswear brands are remixing performance wear to become more style-focused.