Ioanna Kourbela's Lookbook Has Styles That Easily Transition

Ioanna Kourbela's Fall 2015 collection is predicated on adaptable outfits that are wearable from day and well into the night.

The lookbook has streamlined silhouettes that are inspired by an hourglass shape, making for versatile slim-fitting clothing. The collection fuses sports and fitness styles with more formal and business-casual looks. The idea for the collection is to have pieces that allow men to go the entire day and wear the same outfits from work to play.

Most of the collection is styled in neutral blacks and grays, which allows the creative silhouettes to really shine. Some standout pieces include a stylish button-up dress shirt, with a fitted hood over it. Coupled with this are light pants that incorporate the comfort of sweatpants, while remaining professional.