From Minimalist Cadet Editorials to Futuristic Uniform Apparel

 - Sep 8, 2014
These militant menswear finds range from cadet-inspired editorials to uniformed runway shows that paint a bold picture of the future that awaits us. For centuries, militant menswear has been a symbol of honor and power and continues to influence the world of high fashion today.

Whether zoning in on the aristocratic styles of the past or focusing on today's sportier army apparel, designers are choosing to go the militant route when it comes to their menswear collections.

With New York Fashion Week in full effect, more and more army attire is hitting the runway stage and proving that utilitarianism and structure is almost always equal to elegance. Standouts from this list of militant menswear finds range from classically elegant and ornate apparel to attire that is more athletic and combative.