The Mario Loncarski Editorial by Philipp Jelenska is Pretty and Moody

 - Mar 17, 2012
References: socialitelife & homotography.blogspot
Meet Mario Loncarski is a 19-year-old model from Vienna, Austria. Signed in 2009 by Wiener models, the young model has taken the fashion world by storm. His fierce jaw line and sharp bone structure creates a perma-pout, giving the pretty boy a moody vibe. His posing is engaging, luring the audience into the narrative of the shoot.

Lensed by Philipp Jelenska, the 'Soldier Duties' shoot boasts scenes of white-washed Cadette life. The series features sweaty tanks, dog tags and a collection of higher luxury couture. The artist’s use of harsh lighting and compositional direction is memorable.

The shoot is starkly sunny, juxtaposed by the heavy mood of Mario Loncarski and the photographic technique of Philipp Jelenska.