From Sweaty Sports Arena Editorials to Sweaty Boxer Shoots

 - Jul 21, 2013
Showcasing raw candids of models in fashion spreads is a creative way to portray a more intimate and alluring side to clothing, and these sweaty fashion features are some great examples of how marketers can easily turn something like perspiration into a seductive theme.

Sweating often occurs during athletic activities or intense outdoor excursions in the sun, and while people often detest the sight of sweat dripping down their faces, these chic fashion spreads are offering a more sensual and seductive take to this otherwise unappealing feature. From shimmering sweaty swimsuit ads to steam room photoshoots, these sweaty fashion features are demonstrating that this natural process of perspiration can actually be quite visually appealing.

Mostly featuring women in sweaty situations and suggestive poses, these fashion features are some great examples of ordinary circumstances being transformed into stunning haute couture editorials.