- Apr 29, 2014
Adding a relatable yet sensual factor to modern fashion, these sweaty editorial spreads are utilizing everyday perspiration to add allure to ordinary shoots.

When it comes to capturing an audience, simply portraying the clothing and fashion line just isn't enough to capture modern consumers who desire more depth to everyday advertisements. These sweaty editorial spreads however, showcase models drenched in sweat as if they've just been out in the sun or working out, turning ordinary situations into much more sensual and intimate situations. From seductive sportswear photoshoots to sweaty boxer editorials, these sweaty fashion spreads are adding a sense of intrigue, and visual enticement to traditionally simple shoots.

Showcasing how adding themes and storylines to editorials can make a bigger impression, these sweaty editorial spreads will surely entice readers with their use of intimate references.

From Sweaty Metallic Editorials to Glam Sweltering Editorials: