This Pawel Fabjanski Series is Inspired by History

 - Jun 23, 2012
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Pawel Fabjanski is a Warsaw, Poland-based advertising photographer with a talent for creating striking photographs that not only catch viewers' eyes, but hold them.

His recent series 'SPOOЯT' focuses on Tomek S. (AMQ Models) wearing various military outfits as designed and chosen by stylist Anna Sikorska. This look is not merely for effect. As Fajanski explains on his Behance page, the series was shot in advance of the Olympics as social commentary.

During the original Olympics in ancient Greece, warring city states would actually hold a truce so that the games could take place. This provided beleaguered societies with some much needed respite from the carnage and destruction of war.

On the field, the intrigues, treacheries and cruelty of war had no place. Each competition was fair and square. It is this spirit that inspires Pawel Fabjanski.