- Jan 31, 2014
With the distinct attention to healthy lifestyles in today's society, fashionable workout clothing is being intensely focused on by not only designers, but those wearing it as well. A trip to the gym has evolved from being utilitarian in nature to something of a social outing that has a number of fitness-focused individuals taking a very serious approach to what they wear.

With that in mind, the concept of fashionable workout clothing was born with style in mind without having to compromise the must-have features of other, more frumpy designs. Breathability, lightweight material and stretchy hems assure the wearer that they won't be held back by looking their best. What's more, the steep increase in fashionable workout apparel also relates to the busy lifestyle of consumers; instead of having to change after a workout, they can easily make the trip home without worries of looking like they just stepped out of a gym.

From Fanciful Athletic Footwear to Playful Hipster Sportswear: