Italo Gaspar Makes a Military Man Out of Andre Kherwald

Brazilian photographer Italo Gaspar recreates vintage military portraits in his latest series, starring model newcomer Andre Kherwald. Using traditional sepia tones, dark shadows and an almost completely khaki wardrobe, Gaspar creates a look that is incredibly realistic.

Reading more like a series of art photos than a fashion story, Gaspar's images are hauntingly honest, with an authentic feel not often matched by editorials. This year has seen an array of military-inspired fashion photoshoots, but this collaboration of new talent brings something fresh, making this one of my favorite photosets of 2011. Andre blends just the right amount of innocence, teen angst, and bad boy attitude, showing off his natural talent.

With understated styling by Toni Müller, and simple yet powerful images, Italo Gaspar's Andre Kherwald shoot can't be missed.