- Nov 26, 2014
These stylish winter boots range from jewel-encrusted sheepskin shoes to hiking-inspired heels. The men's and women's styles are fashionable while bearing the effects of the cold weather.

As the coolest months of winter draw near, most of us are searching for winter boots that are designed with both aesthetics and function. This combination is often difficult to find but these examples feature a nice balance of both.

If you're not a fan of bulky winter boots, then give a motorcycle or hiking boot a try. For dedicated fashionistas, the season's hottest boot is a thigh-high, over-the-knee style that is more about glamour than practicality.

When focusing on warmth and performance, a sneaker boot hybrid is a comfy and cozy style that blends the best of both worlds.

From Hiking Inspired Heels to Crystallized Sheepskin Footwear: